The Dealership Pathway:

Dealer Case Study: Digital Checklists

Aquaknox Marine & Sam Dantzler


Target Audience: Dealership Owners and Managers

Date & Time: Dec. 8, 12:30 PM CST



The pace of dealership life is only accelerating. In this environment, we need to find as many ways as possible to improve our effectiveness and efficiency. That’s why we’ve chosen Marine Industry Certified Dealership Aquaknox Marine and its outstanding approach to digital checklists for this Dealer Case Study.

Join Dealership Pathway Education Host Sam Dantzler as he interviews Aquaknox Marine Owner Bryan Courtney on how he uses digital checklists throughout his dealership to make it quick and easy for his team to effectively and efficiently follow their processes. In addition, they will discuss how you can get started using this technology too.

 What you'll learn:

  • Examples of checklists to consider digitizing and a low-cost technology provider that can help.