The Leadership Pathway:

Develop Compensation Plans that Produce Results

Bob Clements, Bob Clements International

Target Audience: Dealership Owners and Managers

Date & Time: Dec. 9, 10:00-11:30 a.m.


As a leader in your dealership, you’re under a lot of pressure to get employee compensation plans right. Especially right now, given the strain of the workforce shortage.


You know that the right compensation goes a long way toward keeping those rock star employees on your team. Yet paying your team to be at the dealership every day is one of your most significant expenses.


Determining how much you can afford to pay per position may seem like something you need a degree in rocket science to figure out. The good news ... it’s not!


Join Bob Clements of Bob Clements International as he lays out what you need to know, as dealership owners and managers, to determine specifically how much you can pay your people. With experience helping thousands of dealerships make these decisions, he’s just the person to guide you and your leadership team.

 What you'll learn:

  • Discover how to use salary caps to determine your max salaries for employees;

  • Gain insight into what to do if you are overpaying; 

  • And learn how to set up bonus structures that allow your employees to participate in profit while not dipping into your bottom line.