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About the Course

Have you ever had a work order come through your service department that reads simply: “It’s broken,” or “Fix it”?

While the description may be concise, it does nothing to move the unit through the Service Department efficiently or take care of your all-important customers.

Inside of your service department, there are specific things you can do to not only improve the customer experience, but also add dollars to your bottom line.

Join dealership trainer Sara Hey of Bob Clements International for this tactical workshop where she will guide you through how to ask the right questions at check-in, set up high-capacity days in service, and establish a triage process to make you more money.


• Discover how to develop the right set of questions to ask when a customer drops off a unit;
• Determine what needs to happen to create a high-capacity day in your service department;
• And learn how and when to implement triage to improve efficiency and the customer experience.

Your Instructor

Sara Hey

Sara Hey

Sara has never met a Diet Coke or a stage she didn’t like.

Sara’s journey working with dealerships started when she was young by provided child labor packing VHS training tapes for dealers across the country. In college, she studied psychology, which has been a huge benefit working in her family’s business as well as with family owned dealerships over the last 10+ years.

Now, Sara spends her time speaking at national conferences and working with both manufacturers and dealers to achieve success.

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