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About the Course

No matter what role you play at the dealership, you’ve faced a lot of change this year. And while change can be good for you, if you’re not prepared for it, it can make decision-making difficult and stressful. Which can reduce your efficiency at work, big-time.

It’s like driving on a foggy day. When you can’t see the road ahead clearly, your instinct is to slow down or even stop.

Unfortunately, none of the forecasters we know are predicting a return to “normal.” Inventory and workforce shortages will continue to be disruptive. The marketplace will continue to be unpredictable. So, if we’re going to find success in 2022 and beyond, we need to learn how to navigate through this fog of change.

That’s why we’re offering this powerful workshop by dealership master trainer Jim Million. Jim is no neophyte when it comes to change. He has had to navigate through many foggy days throughout his career in retail, from the 70’s all the way through the present day.

Using the principles of adult learning and the dynamics of winning teams and personal self-development, he will share with you some tools that you can use to navigate the fog of change, improve your efficiency at work, and achieve your individual, department and dealership goals.


• Explain the stages and dynamics of change;
• Lead your team and or yourself through the stages of change with a positive outcome;
• Identify the obstacles that lurk in the fog in order to strategically overcome them;
• And kick start the success you desire for your team and yourself.

Your Instructor

Jim Million

Jim Million

Since 1977, Jim Million has been involved in the automotive industry as a salesperson, service writer, sales manager, facilitator, developer, writer, speaker and consultant. Jim has a diverse background that includes experience in all facets of teaching/training from the outdoor low and high ropes courses to the large audience multi-media driven presentations. He is known as being a facilitator's facilitator, responsible for developing and directing many training programs. Manufacturers have called on Jim to help achieve their goals and sales operations. His philosophy is that every person, regardless of position, contributes to an organization's growth Jim has participated in hundreds of programs as a member of the development team and has himself written numerous product launches, skills based courses and culture change/team building initiatives. His creativity and get-it-done attitude provides high value for companies bringing new training initiatives to market.

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