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About the Course

Service and Parts Departments are facing a perfect storm of more work combined with more challenges.

From increased boat sales and boat usage, to new product requiring significant warranty work to be water-worthy, to supply chain parts issues, workforce shortages and more. It’s a dangerous combination leading to longer than ever repair event cycle times for both customer pay and warranty work.

The latest data and real-world feedback from hundreds of front-line service advisors suggest this trend is only going to get more challenging moving forward. Waiting for this to “fix itself” is a recipe for disaster.

Industry expert Valerie Ziebron of VRZ Consulting has spent the last year analyzing what manufacturers, suppliers and dealers can do to move the needle with Repair Event Cycle Time (RECT). In this tactical workshop, she will guide you through diagnosing where your shop is being wrecked by RECT and help you map out the necessary fixes to your shop’s process to get customers’ boats back to them quicker, reduce the amount of service boats on your lot and improve your shop’s profitability.


• Uncover the current data trends on RECT as they apply to your shop;
• Understand the main areas within your control that impact repair times;
• Identify proactive practices to get your warranty work tracked and paid;
• And learn what helps in delivering difficult news to your customers.

Your Instructor

Valerie Ziebron

Valerie Ziebron

Valerie Ziebron is a leading industry expert and top-rated speaker. You may have read her articles, seen her present, or had her pop into your dealership in search of "Golden Nugget Best Practices" to help marine businesses get more proactive and profitable.

Valerie Ziebron started VRZ Consulting in 1989 and has since worked with hundreds of clients – big and small to increase not only CSI and Profitability but also job enjoyment.

She has delivered thousands of presentations for dealers and their OEM partners. Valerie makes a special study of what a dealership can do to “flip the switch from Reactive to Proactive” with the firm belief that to be profitable, you must be proactive.

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