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About the Course

You’re operating in unprecedented times. Not only is demand unusually high, but inventory is also unusually low.

However, it’s still important … perhaps even more important … to get crystal clear on who your ideal buyer is and how to attract them. Yes, even when you don’t have any inventory to sell them.

Join marketing guru Danny Decker for this hands-on workshop on defining and segmenting your target market, then developing messaging that will connect with and resonate powerfully with them, allowing you to create raving fans for life.

• Gain the techniques to define and segment your target market demographics and psychographics;
• Discover strategies for understanding what makes your target market tick;
• Learn how to develop messaging that speaks to “surface level” problems and opportunities, as well as “emotional level” problems and opportunities. (Hint: This is where decisions are made.)
• And finally, determine how to pull all of what you’ll learn together to build marketing messages that inspire customer loyalty.

Your Instructor

Danny Decker

Danny Decker

Danny Decker is an author, speaker, serial entrepreneur, and marketing consultant. Danny is a frequent speaker, a contributor to, and hosts the Marketing Simplified Podcast. His book, Marketing Simplified, is currently available on and other retailers. Learn more and connect with Danny at

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