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About the Course

Do you notice that when role-playing is mentioned that the salespeople find customers to follow-up with or become suddenly ill?

Yet, for salespeople and managers, they are more critical to your success now than they have ever been before. The last two years alone have generated more unique selling scenarios than we seen in decades of selling boats. And those unique situations are not going away.

It's not surprising that role-playing sessions aren't well received at a dealership. It's because:

1. They are seldom performed.
2. They are not well prepared for.
3. They are not well facilitated.

Sales is one of the only professions where the pros are often thrown in the game without any preparation or practice of their skills. Yet those skills are critical to handling sales that can often exceed six figures.

Ask yourself: Are you and your sales force collectively authoring talking points for showroom visits, phone calls and texts? When you learn from each other's experiences, are you practicing the talking points before picking up the phone?

Attend Bob McCann's workshop to learn to love role-playing by being better prepared for every day contacts with boat buyers in the year ahead. Bob is a veteran dealership consultant and sales trainer who will use real boat dealership scenarios to make you comfortable using role-playing more often at your dealership.


• Identify difficult everyday conversations and tasks that need preparation and practice before engaging a customer;
• Make preparing for successful role-playing sessions quick and easy;
• Learn to facilitate role-playing sessions that salespeople will fight to go first!

Your Instructor

Bob McCann

Bob McCann

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