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About the Course

In many Parts and Service departments, lack of communication is the root cause of a poor customer experience. If you have ever heard a customer say, “Nobody ever called me,” or your staff tell you, “I didn’t have time,” this is the course for you.

In the last 18 months, boat sales have increased while, in the back of the house, staffing levels and available hours have stayed the same or retreated. This is causing your remaining staff to be constantly bouncing off the rev limiter, feeling stressed out and over worked. Your customers are suffering as a result. You could continue with the status quo, or you could embrace a simple method to improve customer communication that 98% of Americans already use.

In this workshop, fixed operations expert Jeremy DeFelice of Garage Composites will share his firsthand experience leading Parts & Service Departments and consulting dealers in the art of using text messaging throughout their stores.

• Gain insight into customer expectations with today’s digital communications;
• Discover how text messaging can increase staff efficiency and your bottom line;
• And pick-up best practices in adopting text communication in service and parts.

Your Instructor

Jeremy DeFelice

Jeremy DeFelice

Jeremy was born and raised in the “Live Free Or Die” state of NH. Introduced to his first dirt bike at the age of 6 by his uncle he was instantly hooked and has been riding bikes, ATV’s and sleds since. As an adult Jeremy now lives in South West Florida with his wife Sonia of 14 years. Together they have four children and five grandchildren. When not working to make the powersports industry better you can find Jeremy playing golf or stand up paddle boarding with his wife in the waters of Gasparilla Island, Florida. He and Sonia also take in the many beautiful sunsets with friends and generally stop to enjoy life whenever possible.

Jeremy’s career in the industry began with convincing his father of opening a multi-line metric dealership in 1997. In his 20 plus year career he has worked in every position within a dealership, with his time split between Parts and Service Management and then switching to Sales & Finance Manager then finally GM. His passion for continual learning and discovery about making the powersports and marine industries stronger is contagious and he loves to share that information with dealership owners, managers and staff. Jeremy’s goal is to continually mentor and train those in the business to be the best they can be and allow them to “never work a day in their lives” just like he has.

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