Dealership Owner

Session Recommendations 

Dealership Owner Session Recommendations 


Shine a Light in Your Dealership's Dark Spaces

Sam Dantzler, Wheelhouse College


What you'll learn:

  • Discover how to structure your business for customer experience and profit in a post-COVID world;

  • Learn where to invest your resources and time to maximize the 2021 season;

  • And walk away with a list of action items to implement.




How to Navigate Difficult Customer Conversations

John Spence, John Spence LLC

What you'll learn:

  • Uncover the importance of questions to clearly understand the customer’s point of view

  • Realize they’re not mad at you

  • Learn how to use “I” statements

  • Pick up key questions to ask when trying to de-escalate an uncomfortable situation

  • Discover how to apply the self-awareness idea of the “gap”

  • Practice applying these ideas within your business and personal life




Develop Your Dealership’s Bench Strength

Dan Iosue & Dan Schneider, Rawls Group

What you'll learn:

  • Identify how to find your dealership’s talent gaps;

  • Discover ways to start building a deeper bench;

  • And pick-up tools to grow and develop your team.



How to Catch Up in the Service Department

Max Materne, Garage Composites

What you'll learn:

  • The story of how service revenue plateaued;

  • A process that will lighten your team’s load;

  • And discover simple changes to make and free technology to use to start catching up now.



Use Digital to Personalize the Customer Experience

Rich Delancey, Dealership Toolkit

What you'll learn:

  • Understand customer expectations and boundaries;

  • Discover the latest in customer personalization technologies and techniques; - Learn safe, effective, non-invasive methods to deploy the technology;

  • And pick-up tactics to measure your results, hold your partners accountable, and establish dealership benchmarks.




How to Recruit, Work With and Lead People Not Like You

Kelly McDonald, McDonald Marketing

What you'll learn:

  • Identify key ways to effectively recruit, engage and retain team members who are not like you

  • Discover how to reduce frustration, improve communication and boost your results whether you work alongside or lead a diverse group of team members

  • Learn how to create meaningful connections at work despite your differences Float Plan



How to Build Your 2021 Marketing Plan (With or Without a Boat Show)

Marcus Sheridan, Marcus Sheridan International, Inc.

What you'll learn:

  • Discover how to discuss pricing more openly and honestly on your website to move buyers closer to making a decision

  • Learn how to leverage better video practices and techniques to “show” your boats better than you’ve ever shown them before

  • Pick-up techniques for how to reach out to potential customers in a way that actually gets noticed and produces results.




Grow Your Customer Base with Facebook Ads in 2021

Danny Decker, Marketing Simplified

What you'll learn:

  • Understand why Facebook Ads are an attractive marketing option in 2021

  • Learn a three-step process for advertising on Facebook

  • Develop a strategy for identifying your target customers

  • Discover how to create effective content for use with Facebook Ads




How to Thrive on the Other Side of 2020

John Spence, John Spence LLC

What you'll learn:

  • Discover the three quotients that drive success: IQ, EQ, and AQ

  • Learn how to be more adaptable and agile in the face of change

  • Know the emotional cycle that change creates in a person

  • Develop skills to help you coach yourself and your people through change - Identify ways to become more resilient

  • Gain an understanding what you can and cannot control




Get Ahead of the Pre-Owned Opportunity

Tony Gonzalez, Garage Composites

What you'll learn:

  • Understand the market dynamics at play throughout history and in today's environment; 

  • Uncover the systems and processes you need to operate successfully in the pre-owned boat business; 

  • Gain insight into the pre-owned inventory benchmarks you should aim for; 

  • And pick-up techniques to buy, accept on trade and sell pre-owned boats to generate the most profit.




Move Beyond Burnout: The Search for Sustained Motivation for Yourself and Your Team

David Spader, Spader Business Management

What you'll learn:

  • Learn how to proactively assess whether your employees are at risk for burnout; 

  • Discover how “energy management” needs to be a part of every leader’s toolkit;

  • And understand the role of a leader/manager in avoiding burnout for themselves and modeling healthy behavior for their team


How to Become a Video-First Dealership

Marcus Sheridan, Marcus Sheridan International, Inc.

What you'll learn:

  • Discover the science and psychology of effective marine videos

  • Learn exactly how to produce dramatically better videos

  • Pick-up techniques for getting more of your team involved in your videos

  • Gain dozens of ideas for videos you can shoot immediately to generate revenue for your dealership



Fill the Gaps in Your Dealership’s Sales Process

Jim Million, Million Learning & Bob McCann, MRAA

What you'll learn:

  • Discover why following a regularly reviewed and updated sales process is better for the customer (and your sales team) and how to update yours for 2021;

  • Determine how to develop Purpose, Attitudes, Communications, Expectations (P.A.C.E.) and Action Guides for your sales process;

  • And understand all of the areas of your sales process to map and document in order to fill the gaps your customers have been stumbling across.



Turn Your Shop Inside Out

Valerie Ziebron, VRZ Consulting

What you'll learn:

  • Understand leadership’s role in supporting customer experience and retention; 

  • Track the effectiveness of your interdepartmental hand-offs; 

  • Identify opportunities for improved customer education and transparency in sales;

  • Know what key service positions build the most dealership loyalty and how to best set them up for success;

  • Understand where and how management can support service;

  • And discover how to get more qualified sales leads from service.