The Employee Pathway:

Develop Your Dealership’s Bench Strength

Dan Iosue & Dan Schneider, Rawls Group


Target Audience: Dealership Owners

Date & Time: Dec. 8, 2:00 PM



Whether you’re in sports or in business, having a strong bench is a key factor in your ability to deliver a consistent record of success. When one player leaves the game, you want to be confident that you not only have another player ready to take their place but that it’s someone who can carry the team to a win.


That becomes especially important in times like these when the conditions on the field are unpredictable and the team is worn out from a long, hard season.


As a dealership owner, developing your bench strength means getting the right team in the right roles and developing that team to be ready and able to make both expected and unexpected transitions, including promotions, retirement, ownership succession, illness, resignations and family leave.


In this session from two leading business succession experts, you’ll learn how to develop your bench strength and build a foundation for dealership sustainability as you grow into the future, whether you’re new to ownership, preparing to retire or somewhere in between.

Learning Objectives


  • Identify how to find your dealership’s talent gaps;

  • Discover ways to start building a deeper bench;


  • And pick-up tools to grow and develop your team.