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The Dealer Week Field Trip

Why a field trip?

Unfortunately due to the COVID pandemic, we are not able to offer a field trip this year. It is truly unfortunate after having experienced it with you all last year, but we know for the safety of our attendees and the staff of the places we would have visited, this is the best decision. 

We hope to be able to offer it for 2021. Stay tuned.

Hear from attendees:

"I took a lot away from the field trip on how important the proper kind of customer service for your business can be to turn the business from poor to good or even great."

-Vanessa Orchard, C.A.S. Power Marine Ltd.


"The field trip was a great and exciting way to jump right into the conference. We had a wonderful time."

-Denny Moser, Cleveland Boat Center


"I think the field trip was an eye opening experience. It was cool to get outside the conference itself." 

-Chase Lamphiear, Tobler Marina

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