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Sam Dantzler speaking at Dealer Week

Dealer Week Hosts & Speakers

2022 Dealer Week Hosts

Hosts will help navigate their respected classrooms throughout the entire event. They will provide connections and insights between sessions while smoothly transitioning from one speaker to the next. 
Sales & Marketing Pathway
Marcus Sheridan hosts Dealer Week
Marcus Sheridan
Marcus Sheridan International, Inc. 
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Leadership Pathway 
Sam Dantzler hosts Dealer Week
Sam Dantzler
Wheelhouse College
  • Sam Dantzler's LinkedIn Profile
Service & Parts Pathway 
Jim Million hosts Dealer Week
Jim Million
Million Learning
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2022 Dealer Week Speakers

These subject matter experts will be the biggest fans in guiding you and your dealership to think differently, challenge the norm, make positive change and grow during your time at Dealer Week. 
Sales & Marketing Pathway
Marcus Sheridan speaks at Dealer Week

Marcus Sheridan, Marcus Sheridan International, Inc.

Danny Decker speaks at Dealer Week

Danny Decker, Danny Decker Marketing 

Jordon Schoolmeester speaks at Dealer Week

Jordon Schoolmeester, Garage Composites

Jerry Thibeau speaks at Dealer Week

Jerry Thibeau, Phone Ninjas

Screen Shot 2022-10-25 at 1.34.16 PM.png

Tim Schmidt, Octane Marketing

Leadership Pathway 
Jill Young speaks at Dealer Week

Jill Young, EOS Worldwide

Sam Dantzler speaks at Dealer Week

Sam Dantzler, Wheelhouse College

Eric Papp speaks at Dealer Week

Eric Papp, Agape Leadership, LLC

Gloria Sinclair-Miller speaks at Dealer Week

Gloria Sinclair Miller, SHRM-SCP

Service & Parts Pathway 
David Spader speaks at Dealer Week

David Spader, Spader Business Management

Max Materne speaks at Dealer Week

Max Materne, Garage Composties

Eddy Paoletta speaks at Dealer Week

Eddy Paoletta, Garage Composites

Paula Crosbie speaks at Dealer Week

Paula Crosbie, PCLM Business Solutions

Jim Million speaks at Dealer Week

Jim Million, Million Learning

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