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4 Steps to Solving Your 
Dealership's Most Complex Issues

Dave Newell, Evolve Leadership Consulting

Leadership Pathway:

Date & Time: Wednesday, December 6, 8:30am - 10am 

 *This session will be recorded and available on Dealer Week Online* 

Learning Objectives:  

  • Understand the psychology behind what gets in the way of solving complex business issues;

  • Learn a 4-step process for identifying and crushing issues;

  • Establish a plan for a complex issue you are currently facing;

  • And develop the skills to use this process now and in the future.


As a dealership leader, the number of issues on your plate – big and small – can be overwhelming. It can be difficult to know where to start and how to create momentum in solving the pile-up of problems.

When you're a manager or an owner, not only do you have your own challenges, but your team is also looking to you to fix all that troubles them. This adds stress and pressure as you work to make clear decisions and overcome obstacles, all while trying to run your business or department and hit your goals. The result? What most business leaders despise – indecision.

With everything that comes at you as a leader, the complex issues tend to fall back as you deal with the small and seemingly urgent. This only increases the complexity in your business, and delays dealing with the issues that matter most.

It shouldn't be this hard to run a department or a business well. And soon it won't be, thanks to this powerhouse education from Organizational Development Consultant Dave Newell.

During this session, Dave will provide you with a repeatable process and methodology to help you make clear decisions on the most impactful issues you're struggling with now and will likely face in the year ahead. You'll learn how to identify core problems, name desired outcomes for the obstacles you face, and establish pathways and action plans for crushing them.

New problems will never stop flowing your way. Join us at Dealer Week to learn a process you and your fellow leaders can apply to nimbly tackle the myriad issues you face in your business now and will encounter in the future.


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