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Prepare Your Dealership for
the Disruption Ahead

Sam Dantzler, Wheelhouse College 

Leadership Pathway:

Date & Time: Wednesday, December 7, 8:30am - 10am 

 *This session will be recorded and available on Dealer Week Online* 

Learning Objectives:  

  • Discover what market and dealership data to watch to prepare for 2023

  • Create a personalized dashboard for your store

  • Learn three triggers for change execution

  • And gain insight into three areas to begin working on immediately


The past two to three years have presented you and your team with a number of disruptions. It’s now clear that while some areas of your business may have returned to normal, others have not and will not, and new disruptions are likely ahead. 


For example, those of you in some boat sectors may find that low inventory levels will continue. Those of you in others may find the supply chain will come back online, and you’ll face the risk of buying up too much or too little.  


To protect your dealership and its combination of brands and departments, you’ll need to know what data to use to track market and dealership performance, and learn how to develop an executable plan based on that data. 


In this session by Sam Dantzler, we’ll workshop our way through the current state of boating retail and of your dealership to create an understanding for which dials we should be adjusting. From there, we’ll explore best change practices to be implemented depending on what the data tells us. Finally, we’ll put timelines on the speed of execution of those best practices based on the size of the dealership and your ability to “turn the ship” in a timely manner.   


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