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Drive Dealership Performance
through Interdepartmental Harmony 

Kurt von Ahnen

Leadership Pathway: 

Date & Time: Wednesday, December 6, 3:30pm - 5pm 

Learning Objectives:  

  • Discover the importance of empathy for each position and department;

  • Understand the benefits of communication and collaboration;

  • Gain new customer meet and greet processes;

  • And learn how to transition customers from one department to another and back again.


We see it all around us: restaurants, car dealerships, the phone company, construction, and, yes ... even our own stores. Through a mechanism of dysfunction, society has begun to not only embrace, but foster a culture of finger pointing and denial.

You overhear your salesperson telling a customer, "Sorry it's taking so long. They are backed up in the shop." Or worse, "I don't know what is taking the techs so long to fix your boat?!?!".

In a premium market like the recreational marine industry, dealerships can no longer afford to operate as independent silos in which every department fights for resources and works for its own benefit.

Our customers expect us to be a proactive body of harmonious action and communication. To meet those expectations, we need to focus on the ongoing relations not only between business and customer, but between departments as well. The less we focus on transaction and the more we focus on relationships, the better our internal culture will become.

That's why we invited experienced dealership trainer and consultant Kurt von Ahnen to lead this training session. As a former dealership employee and manager, he has witnessed firsthand the myriad issues that can be caused by

interdepartmental friction and blaming.

As he shares the proven tactics and strategies he has developed to solve these issues, you'll discover new ways to improve communication and collaboration between departments, create consistency through better process, reduce employee churn, drive efficiencies and bolster profit margins.

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