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Manage Promises, Not People:
How to Create a Self-Managing Team

Eric Papp, Agape Leadership LLC​

Leadership Pathway: 

Date & Time: Thursday, December 8, 8:30am - 10am

 *This session will be recorded and available on Dealer Week Online* 

Learning Objectives:  

  • Discover the three-part process to manage a promise and not a person

  • Gain confidence in having difficult conversations and giving feedback

  • Develop the skills to conduct two-minute coaching conversations

  • And identify three values that create a culture of ownership and accountability


As a manager, your primary role is managing the workflow and performance of your department or the dealership as a whole. In reality, day-to-day activities and “firefighting” often distract you from successfully achieving your primary objectives as a supervisor.  


As a result, you may find yourself frequently putting off coaching conversations and failing to address performance issues. One side effect of this is the formation of an environment where high performing employees have more work and less time, and underperforming employees have less work and more time.  


Management consultant Eric Papp calls it the “Abdication of Accountability.” And when this becomes the norm, team performance, morale, and communication suffer. 


During this session, you’ll learn how to manage a promise and not a person. When this is done effectively, you, the manager, will be freed up to focus on what’s most important: coaching, strategic planning, and growth. ​

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