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Transform Your Retail Environment,
Transform Your Customer
Experience & Profits

Paige Wittman, Miller Wittman Retail Design Group

Leadership Pathway: 

Date & Time: Thursday, December 7, 8:30am - 10am

 *This session will be recorded and available on Dealer Week Online* 

Learning Objectives:  

  • Understand how the retail environment influences the customer journey and behavior;

  • Gain the tools to determine what retail design projects would have the most impact on
    dealership success;

  • Learn how to choose the next project for you and your team, whether a simple decluttering
    initiative, a brand-new store, or something in-between;

  • And discover how to measure the results of your redesign projects.


As an owner or manager, chances are you've worked in the same dealership facility for years.

You've seen the same walls, pictures and structures used to bring your products and services to life time and time again ... until you stopped really seeing them at all.


Meanwhile, the expectations of today’s customers are changing in response to our omnichannel world. And they expect you to change with them. We understand that the market has been rapidly evolving, is challenging you in new ways, and so we have to think about things differently.

Your goal for 2024 is to make the most of the opportunity represented by EVERY person who walks in your door across EVERY department in your business. You can’t afford not to. This is your chance to deepen your customer relationships, show off all the ways you can enhance their boating lifestyle, and create a purchase experience that is so memorable it drives them back to you time and time again. 

So ... is your dealership ready to successfully pull that off? Or at least take a first step in that direction?

Find out when you join us for a powerhouse session from retail design expert Paige Wittman. She'll give you the insight and tools to evaluate your retail environment and its impact on customer behavior, including a peek at the experiences and environments your target customer is being exposed to as they make similar high dollar purchase decisions.

Whether you're large or small, one location or many locations, you'll leave with the knowledge to determine what retail investments would be most impactful to you and your dealership – and how to pick your next one, no matter what your budget.

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