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Leadership Pathway

Hosted by Marcus Sheridan

Pathway Made Possible by:

You want a plan to adjust to the changing customer and marketplace, a motivated team that works well together and tactics that help solve your biggest issues. You need to solve communication breakdowns throughout your dealership and stay up to date on how to drive success in the current market conditions. Dealer Week 2023 Leadership Pathway Sessions are designed to prepare you for whatever the future could hold.

 Tuesday, Dec. 5,  12:15pm - 1:45pm 
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Marcus Sheridan

Marcus Sheridan International, Inc.

During this session, you’ll gain transformative communication skills that not only have the power to improve dealership performance, company culture and employee retention, but also... SEE MORE

 Tuesday, Dec. 5,  3pm - 4:30pm 

John Spader

Spader Business Management

Gain insight into how you can prepare your company to adapt and succeed while navigating turbulent markets. Get ready for the proven strategies, management attitudes, processes, financial benchmarks, and execution skills he’ll share to help you outperform the market in the year ahead....SEE MORE

 Wednesday, Dec. 6,  8:30 - 10am 

Dave Newell

Evolve Leadership Consulting, LLC

During this session, Dave will provide you with a repeatable process and methodology to help you make clear decisions on the most impactful issues you're struggling with now and will likely face in the year ahead. You'll learn how to identify core problems, name desired outcomes for the obstacles you face, and establish pathways and action plans...SEE MORE

 Wednesday, Dec. 6,  11:30am - 12:15pm 

Moderator: Marcus Sheridan

No matter what your department or job title, you have stubborn problems that you can’t seem to solve and elusive opportunities that are just beyond your reach.


You’re not alone.

Gain the edge you need when you come together with dealership peers from across North America in one of our three Dealer Week Education Pathways to share challenges, solutions and resources. Tap into their collective brainpower and wealth of experience when you sit at the table featuring the topic at the top of your priority list as you strive for success in the year ahead...SEE MORE

Discussion Topics:

  • Planning & Budgeting

  • Cash Flow Management

  • Inventory Management

  • Revenue Diversification


 Thursday, Dec. 6,  3:30 - 5pm 

Kurt von Ahnen

Mañana No Mas

We see it all around us: restaurants, car dealerships, the phone company, construction, and, yes ... even our own stores. Through a mechanism of dysfunction, society has begun to not only embrace, but foster a culture of...SEE MORE

 Thursday, Dec. 7,  8:30am - 10am 
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Paige Wittman

Miller Wittman Retail Design Group

As an owner or manager, chances are you've worked in the same dealership facility for years. You've seen the same walls, pictures and structures used to bring your products and services to life time and time again ... until you stopped really seeing them at all..SEE MORE

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