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Leadership Pathway Sessions
Leadership Pathway

Hosted by Sam Dantzler

You want a solid plan for the future, a motivated team that works well together and a system in place to track your progress. You need to know how to make decisions about your business, which means staying up to date on the trends and strategies that drive success.

 Tuesday 12:15pm - 1:45pm 
Jill Young Head Shot.jpg
Jill Young 
EOS Worldwide

As a dealership owner or general manager, the past few years have offered lots of disruption to keep you busy. You’ve probably had few opportunities to focus on getting your business running consistently, smoothly and efficiently, never mind transforming... SEE MORE

 Tuesday  3pm - 430pm 
Jill Young Head Shot.jpg
Jill Young 
EOS Worldwide

Ideas, knowledge, systems and processes are great – but understanding how to apply them to overcome the obstacles in your way and take your business to the next level is what really matters. It’s time to...SEE MORE

 Wednesday  8:30am - 10am 
Sam Dantzler 
Wheelhouse College

The past two to three years have presented you and your team with a number of disruptions. To protect your dealership and its combination of brands and departments, you’ll need to know what data to use to track market and dealership performance, and learn how...SEE MORE

 Wednesday  11:30am - 12:15pm 
Kendall Rawls
Len Bellavia
Carrie Stacey
David Spader

*Exclusive to the in-person event 

Moderator: Sam Dantzler, Wheelhouse College 


  • Kendall Rawls, The Rawls Group 

  • Len Bellavia, Bellavia Blatt PC 

  • Carrie Stacey, Stacey International LLC 

  • David Spader, Spader Business Management 


*Images from left to right

Regardless of what your buy, sell or transition plans are for the future – and whether you expect them to go into effect in months, years or decades – there are things you should know and things you can do to both improve...SEE MORE

 Wednesday  3pm - 4:30pm 
gsm 2021e.jpg
Certification Web Small.jpg
Gloria Sinclair-Miller 

While there is a lot of focus put on the quest to fill open positions, even more critical to your future is your ability to engage and retain the employees who have survived and stayed. To remain competitive, your dealership must...SEE MORE

*This session meets one of the 2023 Continuous Certification Requirements for Certified Dealers

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