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How to Sell More Boats in 2024

Bob McCann

A post-Dealer Week webinar on implementing key takeaways from the
Sales & Marketing Pathway


Date & Time: Wednesday, January 10, 12:00pm est

 *This session is exclusive to Dealer Week Online* 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Review key takeaways from the Sales & Marketing Pathway sessions

  • Identify common barriers to success in applying these takeaways

  • Explore effective strategies and tactics for implementation


During the past few years, selling boats was much easier than it is in today’s market. Higher interest rates, inflation and economic uncertainty cause buyers to be more hesitant, which means you have to work harder to attract customers to your dealership, get them to the negotiating table, and close the sale.

During this year’s Dealer Week Sales & Marketing Pathway, you will gain numerous strategies and tactics to help you grab customers’ attention and get them to your front door so you can put them into the right boat.


Knowing these strategies and tactics is great, but what makes the difference is what you do with them to outperform the boat market. That is why we are so excited to offer this webinar on successfully applying the sales and marketing training you receive.

To help you implement what you learn, we have invited Sales & Marketing Pathway Education Host Bob McCann to lead this webinar. During this interactive session, he’ll review some of the key takeaways from the pathway sessions, identify common barriers to success applying them, and share implementation strategies that you can use to better market your business and increase sales in 2024.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions, share your own best practices and learn from other dealers. The goal? To leave the webinar empowered to make the changes you need to successfully navigate changing customer behaviors and thrive in a competitive market.

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