The Employee Pathway:

Dealer Case Study: Onboarding

With Alpin Haus & Valerie Ziebron

Target Audience: Dealership Owners & Managers

Date & Time: Dec. 8, 12:30 PM CST



Dealership success depends on employee success. As a leader in your dealership, your No. 1 responsibility is to prepare your team of employees to successfully bring the mission, vision and values of the company to life each and every day. That’s why we’ve chosen Marine Industry Certified Dealership Alpin Haus and its outstanding onboarding strategy for this Dealer Case Study.

Join Employee Pathway Education Host Valerie Ziebron as she interviews Mark O’Dell, Alpin Haus General Sales Manager, on how his company onboards dealership employees and how you can adapt their onboarding strategy for your business, no matter how big or small your team.

Learning Objectives


  • A sample boat product specialist training process and schedule.