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Dealer Week Opening Ceremony

After the year you had, it's worn on you and your team. Learn how to manage stress at work through our opening keynote presentation (s). 
Chester Elton & Adrian Gostick

Session at Dealer Week:
Build Resilience in Uncertain Times: 8 Strategies to Help Your Team Overcome Anxiety, Recover from Burnout and Get Stuff Done


The Topic

Build Resilience in Uncertain Times: 

8 Strategies to Help Your Team Overcome Anxiety, Recover from Burnout and Get Stuff Done

8:30 AM, Dec. 7, 2021 in Austin, Texas

Uncertainty may seem like an understatement to describe the environment in which you and your dealership team are working. Responding to all that has been unexpected (and continues to be) is stressful.

As dealership leaders, you not only have to manage your own stress, anxiety and burnout, you’re also called on to guide your team through it. And then there is all that has to get done.


That’s why we’re bringing you this special Opening Keynote, packed with practical strategies you can use to boost your team’s resilience, reduce their anxiety and increase their productivity.


In it, Top 10 leadership coaches and New York Times bestselling business authors Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton will explore the causes of workplace stress and anxiety, and the management practices that have proven successful in reducing tension and cultivating calm. You gain the answers to questions like:


  • As a manager, how do you keep up with demands while creating a low-stress work atmosphere?

  • How can you spot rising anxiety levels in your people?

  • If your employees feel overwhelmed or worried about the future, what can you do to ease their concerns?

  • How do you engage in productive conversations in uncertain times?


This dynamic duo will apply their vast knowledge and experience working with the leadership teams of some of the world’s most successful organizations to offer you effective strategies that can make any workplace better, helping dealership leaders and their employees:


  • Weather uncertainty;

  • Balance overload;

  • Beat perfectionism;

  • Build confidence;

  • Foster resilience;

  • And strengthen performance.

At the end of this high energy, actionable presentation, you’ll walk away with a guide to putting these strategies to work in your business.

Dealer Week Online Special Presentation

*If you register for Dealer Week In-Person, you'll gain access to Online and this special presentation at no cost.

Grow at Work: How to Boost Your Results by Overcoming Stress and Anxiety

Jan. 13, Online


Most of us want to grow at work. But it can be hard to find a clear path to that growth during tumultuous times like these.


To some, growth might mean developing new skills, improving current ones and boosting your performance. To others, it might mean being promoted and increasing your income. Or some combination of those.


It can be challenging to make that growth a priority when stress, anxiety and burnout are sabotaging our focus, motivation and productivity. Given the unexpected twists and turns of the past few years and the relentless pace of dealership activity, is there anyone who hasn’t experienced those emotions?


That’s why we asked leadership coaches and New York Times bestselling authors Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton to deliver a live virtual keynote presentation, overflowing with actionable advice for everyone on your dealership team.

In this high energy presentation, marine retail professionals from every department will learn tactics for successfully adapting to the changes taking place in their personal and professional lives, maintaining the physical and mental well-being they need to perform at their best and reach their goals for growth at work.  

Meet Chester Elton & Adrian Gostick

Chester Elton and Adrian Gostick have spent more than two decades helping clients engage their employees on strategy, vision and values. In their provocative, inspiring and always entertaining talks, they provide real solutions for leaders looking to manage change, drive innovation, and lead multi-generational workforces. Their work is supported by research with more than a million working adults across the globe, revealing the proven secrets behind high performance cultures and teams.

They are founders of The Culture Works, a global training company and authors of multiple award winning, #1 Wall Street Journal and New York Times, bestsellers, All In, The Carrot Principle and Leading with Gratitude. Their books have been translated into 30 languages and have sold more than 1.5 million copies. They have been called “fascinating” by Fortune and “creative and refreshing” by The New York Times. Gostick & Elton have appeared on NBC’s Today Show, CBS 60 Minutes, and are often quoted in Fast Company, Newsweek and Wall Street Journal.

Gostick & Elton are members of Marshall Goldsmith’s #MG100 Global Coaches. In 2020, both ranked in the top 10 Global Gurus in Leadership and Organizational Culture.