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Dealer Week Opening Ceremony

 Opening Keynote 
Adapt & Thrive: Leading Growth in the New Economy
Ryan Estis

Learning Objectives:


  • Elevate change readiness by adopting a “Futuremaker” mindset;

  • Understand the resistance to change and how to create alignment through transformation;

  • Reorient your relationship to fear and conquer limiting beliefs;

  • Identify how to make the required leader shifts to “Human Centered;”

  • Establish your own Personal Leadership Vision & Action Plan to own the moment;

  • And leverage continuous reinvention and resilience as a catalyst for sustained growth.

The need to lead change in your dealership is growing as the economy, your customer and your workforce evolve. But your ability to do it is shrinking.

Seventy percent of change efforts fail, and it isn’t because of the strategy … it’s people, psychology and resistance. When a change is first proposed, most people immediately resist – and want to know three things: what does this change mean to me, why is it happening, and what will it look like when the change has been made? We gather this information intuitively in order to begin to assess the level of risk and difficulty involved in the change.

Once someone starts to believe that a change is possible to make, that the rewards of making the change will outweigh the costs, then people are willing to operate in the new ways the change requires and align in pursuit of the future. Our job as leaders is to help our people and teams navigate the mindset shift and embrace the required new behaviors.

Today 7 out of 10 company leaders say their current growth strategy is obsolete and the World Economic Forum is indicating 1 in 4 jobs is going to change over the next five years as a result of trends including artificial intelligence, digitization, the green energy transition and supply chain-reshoring, created unprecedented transformation.

The traditional models of change management and leadership no longer support what is needed in the forever changed world your dealership operates in. The new model for navigating transformation is Human Centered.

In this dynamic and interactive keynote presentation from Ryan, dealership owners, managers and key employees will learn how to leverage this defining moment of transformation and change as a catalyst to improve performance and meet the needs of our people. You’ll gain surprising truths, actionable insights and inspiring stories to help you and your leadership team build change-ready, high-growth marine dealerships.

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