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Dealer Week Opening Ceremony

 Opening Keynote 
A Remarkable Customer Experience: Your Dealership's Best Strategy for 2023
Dan Gingiss

You’ll learn how to:  


  • Identify the types of experiences people share most often and why;  

  • Apply an easy, 5-step framework for creating remarkable, shareable experiences;  

  • Leverage best practices from other industries your customers buy from; 

  • And pick-up simple, practical, and inexpensive ideas you can put to work in your dealership immediately.  


You’ll walk away from this keynote inspired to go back to work with actionable steps to create a deeper connection with your customers that will pay off no matter what 2023 brings.  

For the past few years, as a marine dealer, you’ve thrived in the face of wild uncertainty and disruption. Now, a new bank of clouds is assembling on the horizon to challenge your business. So what can you do to carry your team and your dealership forward to success in 2023? How can you take control of your future in a world of uncertainty? 


It’s time to double down on your dealership’s customer experience. It’s the area of your business hardest hit over the past few years. It’s ripe for innovation. It offers the biggest competitive advantage. It delivers the largest returns, and it’s most in need of discipline amidst the current disruption. 


During this fun, engaging and high impact keynote, customer experience coach and former Fortune 500 executive Dan Gingiss will teach you and your team how to outperform the market by competing on customer experience. You’ll discover how to hold onto your customers and earn new ones who stay longer, spend more in every department of your dealership, and recommend your company to others. 

 Thought Leader Presentation 
Adapt Your Dealership to the Changing Economy
John Peak | Wells Fargo

During this Dealer Week Thought Leader presentation, you’ll learn about:  


  • What’s happening in the global economy; 

  • How key economic and market trends are impacting you as a marine dealer;  

  • And what your dealership can do to both overcome the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities those trends bring. 

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