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13 things scarier than Friday the 13th in your dealership.

Everyone seems to be a tad bit more cautious when Friday the 13th rolls around. However, you might be living these nightmares every single day: 

  1. Tech shortage

  2. Lack of training

  3. Recession fears

  4. A terrible culture

  5. Slow repair cycle time

  6. Unhappy customers

  7. A non-functioning website

  8. Unmotivated employees

  9. An underutilized DMS

  10. Departmental silos

  11. No succession planningInventory issues

  12. Underperforming F&I

Luckily, Dealer Week has sessions that offer solutions for each of these issues!

Dealer Week’s education lineup lines up (get it) with these exact pain points and the event’s expo hall aims to connect you with the top industry partners who can help. You can check out our newly released education lineup here. Our exhibitor list is here.

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