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3 things to do before Dealer Week closes March 31

The time has come! The content from Dealer Week 2020 online, is going away on March 31. Take advantage of these last few opportunities while you can.

A screenshot of the Thought Leader Series that took place at Dealer Week in 2020.
To view the Thought Leader Series, find it in the main menu.

1. Check out the Thought Leader Series. You may have missed the opportunity to engage with some industry leaders in our Thought Leader Series. The short segments range from 5 to 15

minutes, giving you a quick and easy way to get an industry update or list of tactics to implement. For example, Stephanie Vatalaro of the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation

provided some really great data on new boaters in 2020 and a few tips on how to retain them. Access this series by logging back in and clicking Thought Leader Series.

Screenshot of the Bennington profile to showcase where to find their contact details.
Within each exhibitor profile, you'll find their contact details in the area shown above.

2. Take down the contact information of the companies you’re interested in working with in the future. Along with the removal of the recordings and education, the exhibit spaces will also be going away! If there were companies or partners who piqued your interest, you’ll want to take down the name of the person you connected with, or even bookmark their website for future use!

3. Connect with the dealers you want to keep up with! Visit the profiles of those you had great connections with at Dealer Week and be sure to add their email addresses or phone numbers into your address book. You never know when you may need that DMS system recommendation again!

Screenshot from an MRAA staff profile from Dealer Week 2020.
Access dealer profiles and find there contact details here.

The good news is, these great educational sessions are not going away completely. At the MRAA, we believe training is crucial to the growth of your dealership all year round. In fact, it's kind of why we exist. After March 31, these 30+ trainings will be accessible via They will be available for purchase a la carte for non-members and Bronze members, and at no additional cost to Silver and Gold members. They join the 100+ educational sessions from previous MRAA conferences. If you'd like to consider upgrading or joining the MRAA not only to receive access to this content, but access to content like this all year round, reach out to Sherri via email at We'd love to welcome you into membership!

Bonus: if you have time, check out the bonus keynote "The Power of Moments with Dan Heath" or re-watch the opening keynote presentation with Jay Baer. These presentations will not be uploaded into

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