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3 reasons why in-person meetings are important

The moment you’ve been waiting for… the educational lineup for Dealer Week is almost here! For now, here are 3 reasons in-person learning is important.

1. It’s science! In person meetings are essential. According to a study by MMB referenced in Smart Meetings, meeting face to face makes us 91 percent more engaged, 94 percent more collaborative, and 84 percent more productive.

2. It’s unpredictable. Which is a good thing! The most valuable aspect of the conference may not even be in the educational agenda. It may be shaking hands with the person sitting next to you in the keynote, only to find out they have the same number of employees and are struggling to grow just like you! This conversation and the ideas you came up with are unplanned, but invaluable to your experience.

3. It’s productive. One hour of face to face meeting is equal to five video conferences, 10 phone calls and 20 emails according to Oxford Economics. Multiply that by 8 (hours a day you’ll be at Dealer Week) and then multiply that by 3 (the number of days you’ll be at Dealer Week) and without doing the math, I think we know the number would be pretty high. That's a lot of time saved by attending in person.

It may be easy to come up with a long list of excuses why you can’t attend, but consider these benefits and how they might positively impact your team. For some, we know the saying well by now and it usually goes something like this … “I made the decision to go and make the investment and it changed (insert current struggle) of our business!”

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