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3 Tactics for Creating Meaningful Change

A special Musical Keynote Dec. 9, 8:00 a.m. at Dealer Week

With Musical Presentation by Kai Kight arranged by Gotham Artists

There are as many reasons to come to Dealer Week as there are dealership professionals who attend. However, most of you have a few in common. Chances are you’re hoping to find solutions to the problems that kept you and your team members up at night this year. To find ways to put what was important, but not urgent back at the top of your to do lists. To determine what exactly it is that you CAN control – and use THAT to care for your people, your customers and your business better in the year ahead. And to look forward to what we will need to achieve real success in 2022 and beyond so that we can all prepare for it.

By the final day of the event, you will have been surrounded by solutions, ideas, strategies, tools, connections and insights that can help you regain a sense of success in all the ways YOU define it. It will be time to consider: What you will do with what you take away from this week? More importantly, what will you do DIFFERENTLY to create meaningful change? To help you answer that question, we’ve invited innovative violinist, composer, and speaker Kai Kight to join us as we kick off the final day of Dealer Week.

Kai brilliantly uses music as a metaphor to empower people around the world to embrace innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit, including those at many of the world’s leading organizations, from The Walt Disney Company, to PricewaterhouseCoopers, to the Super-bowl winning Seattle Seahawks of the NFL.

During his time with us, he’ll share three tactics you can put to work to be sure that all you’ve invested in being here, in considering the future, in reaching for something better, delivers returns for you and your business.

You’ll learn how to cultivate a flexible and adaptive mind, adjust in times of change and detach from our old ideas. Kai will shed light on how to increase employee engagement, spread an idea within a team, and ultimately retain and inspire customers.

And finally, he’ll prepare you for the obstacles that often get in your way by showing you how to tackle difficult challenges and weaknesses, seek and effectively use guidance from others, and persist with your goals.

By the end of his powerful musical keynote, you’ll be armed and inspired to innovate through tactics like:

  1. Revising: Converting a raw idea into a well-considered vision;

  2. Transcribing: Transforming your vision into something that can be understood and acted upon by others; and

  3. Practicing: Intentionally increasing your skills and abilities to allow you to meet your goals.

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