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5 things to do before the MRAA adds 18 new courses from Dealer Week 2019

The launch of all Dealer Week content from 2019 is coming soon! (In fact, 9 are already available.)

The MRAA has been working hard on getting all 18 courses from the 2019 Dealer Week ready for you to start training! That being said, there are a few things you can do to aid in your success when you're ready to start accessing those courses with you and your team.

1. Check your status. Is your membership up to date? Are you Bronze, Silver or Gold? Hint: you want to be Silver or Gold to get access to all 18 courses for free. If you’re expired, call us! Your membership must be up to date to have access.

2. Pull out your Float Plan. The Float Plan was meant to be a resource even after the conference. So we hope it’s sitting on your bookshelf or open on your desk awaiting new notes! Use it as a guide when you train online. Don’t have one? Download it here.

3. Find your username and password. You may be a little rusty at using the system OR completely new to the system. That’s great! If you’ve lost your username and password, call us! 763-315-8043.

4. Add new team members and clean up your profiles. If you’re the Master Account holder, to help us best serve you and use the program to the best of its abilities, update your account with new information while you’re in there! If you’ve added new team members, be sure to send their information to Nikki ( so they can train too! Because no one wants to be left out when it comes to training.

We should note that what you see when you log in on is about to change, but in a good way! We've got an exciting social feed coming that will help you better engage with tools, resources, and peer learning. Nikki walks you through the current platform in this super informative video, so check it out! (update to come)

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