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Are you catching the family vibes of Dealer Week?

A family of dealers, industry-leading partners, 20 groups and MTAs all

play such an important role in the way you feel when you walk into

Dealer Week. If you’ve attended an MRAA conference before, you know

what we’re talking about. The vibe is apparent. One big (usually) happy

family. (We all have our issues.)

Now more than ever, the marine community has come together. With

partners primed to support you with their solutions, associations

striving to provide resources and be your cheerleaders, and let’s not

forget about YOU. The dealer. The one who joins 20 Groups, enrolls in

Certification, watches training videos online and attends this

conference to learn and grow. All while running a dealership.

At Dealer Week, competition is left at the door. You get to spend time

discussing challenges and opportunities and build solutions together.

Experts provide quality education to implement when you get back to

your dealership. Partners provide solutions to make your life easier.

Events and keynotes offer great memories, laughs and new insights.

This community of people make up the boating family. And that’s what

makes Dealer Week so great. It’s the one time per year, where it all

happens in one place.

Join the family.

Comment below if you have felt this very feeling after attending an

MRAA conference in the past. Or comment if it will be your first time! You’re family.

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