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Brunswick Dealer Advantage named MRAA, Dealer Week Strategic Partner

Updated: May 15, 2019

Brunswick, other Strategic Partners, will participate in dialog to help set MRAA initiatives and priorities.

Monday, February 11, 2019 Share

Brunswick Corporation (NYSE: BC) and its Brunswick Dealer Advantage initiative have signed on as a Strategic Partner of the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas, the highest level of MRAA Partner Membership, in support for Dealer Week, MRAA’s newly reimagined Annual Conference and Expo.

Celebrating its 43rd annual conference in 2019, MRAA has created an all-new approach to partner memberships and conference support by developing a year-round program that embeds these highest-level partners in MRAA’s strategic dialog and planning. Brunswick Dealer Advantage, a leading supporter of the MRAA and its annual conference for many years, signed on for a three-year commitment.

“Brunswick Dealer Advantage has been a long-time supporter of the MRAA, and we are happy to partner with Matt and the MRAA team again in support of Dealer Week,” said Kirsten Schuchardt, Brunswick Dealer Advantage’s director of sales and dealer services. “The primary goal of Brunswick Dealer Advantage is to provide opportunities for our dealers to grow and to be successful in this industry. Dealer Week will give dealers more resources and tools to do just that and we’re excited to be a part of it.”

Brunswick Dealer Advantage represents one of the many programs available from Boating Services Network, Brunswick’s newly formed services division focused on expanding boating participation levels.  In partnership with dealers, marinas, and other marine service providers, Boating Services Network aims to attract the next generation of boaters and deliver superior boating experiences.  “As Boating Services Network leads Brunswick’s efforts to tap into emerging markets and attract the next generation of boaters, our dealers are critical to the success of those efforts,” said Cecil Cohn, Boating Services Network vice president. “Dealer Week and our partnership with the MRAA provides us with unique opportunities to support our dealers, as well as other industry partners who are aligned with the same mission to grow and improve the industry. We appreciate this opportunity and are excited for the future of this event.”

Under the re-branded name of Dealer Week, MRAA will launch a profoundly new event experience designed to engage, energize and empower boat and engine dealers and their teams so they can continue to lead the marine industry to greater growth and success. In addition to the world-class educational programming that the marine industry has come to expect from the MRAA, Dealer Week will deliver deeper collaborative opportunities and richer experiences that will showcase business solutions in all-new ways.

As part of this effort, MRAA has created a collaborative Strategic Alliance, through which Partners can support not only the MRAA and Dealer Week, but also provide input on MRAA’s strategic initiatives and priorities. The highest tier in the Strategic Alliance, known as Strategic Partners, represents an invitation-only opportunity to participate in and help shape strategic dialog with the MRAA board and staff. It also provides for maximum exposure to the marine industry in a year-round promotional campaign that seeks to identify these Partners as the backbone of the MRAA, both from a financial and strategic perspective.

“We are so excited to be working with Partners whose goals and vision for the marine industry totally align with what we’re working to accomplish for our members,” says Matt Gruhn, MRAA president. “After a number of years partnering with Brunswick on Dealership Certification and other programs, we know that the team at Brunswick believes that healthy and successful dealers lead to a healthy and successful industry, and we’re so grateful for its continued commitment to work together to develop the resources and educational programming to make that a reality.”

About Brunswick Dealer Advantage Brunswick Dealer Advantage is Brunswick Corporation’s industry-leading dealer services program designed to help dealers build long-term growth and profitability. The program is available at no cost to all Brunswick marine, fitness and billiards dealers in the US and Canada. Launched in 2007, the program is now serving over 2,800 Brunswick dealerships.

Brunswick Dealer Advantage offers a suite of business building services to support all major areas of dealer operations. These services offer new ways to attract more customers, reward employees, improve dealership operations and lower costs. Dealers can choose the providers that best fit their unique needs and sign-up is only a phone call away. Learn more at

About the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas At the MRAA, our team believes that for the marine industry to thrive, the dealers on the front lines of the industry must first find success. With that in mind, we work to create a strong and healthy boating industry by providing dealers with tools, resources and educational programs — such as, the Marine Industry Certified Dealership Program, and Dealer Week, The MRAA Conference & Expo — and by representing those businesses with a powerful voice. For more information, visit About Dealer Week For more than 40 years, the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas has delivered world class educational programming to dealers, retailers and service operations that power the boating industry and serve today’s boaters. Dealer Week evolves as MRAA’s rebranded and reimagined annual conference and expo, a profoundly new event experience designed to engage, energize and empower the dealer community. The MRAA envisions a brighter future for marine retail, and Dealer Week is the preeminent means for bringing that vision to life. Learn more at

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