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Dealer Week announces keynote: Build Resilience in Uncertain Times

AUSTIN, Texas — Several key themes for this year’s Dealer Week, the annual MRAA conference and expo, will be explored during the opening keynote titled “Build Resilience in Uncertain Times: Strategies to Help Your Team Overcome Anxiety, Recover from Burnout and Get Stuff Done.”

The session, scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 7, in Austin, Texas, will be presented by leadership coaches Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton, authors of the recent book “Anxiety at Work,” which explores the causes of workplace stress and the management practices that have proven successful in reducing tension and cultivating calm.

This special opening keynote is packed with practical strategies you can use to boost your team’s resilience, reduce their anxiety and increase their productivity.

In it, Gostick and Elton will answer questions like:

  • As a manager, how do you keep up with demands while creating a low-stress work atmosphere?

  • How can you spot rising anxiety levels in your people?

  • If your employees feel overwhelmed or worried about the future, what can you do to ease their concerns?

  • How do you engage in productive conversations in uncertain times?

The dynamic duo will apply their vast knowledge and experience working with the leadership teams of some of the world’s most successful organizations to offer you effective strategies that can make any workplace better, helping dealership leaders and their employees:

  • Weather uncertainty;

  • Balance overload;

  • Beat perfectionism;

  • Build confidence;

  • Foster resilience;

  • And strengthen performance.

You can gain tips from these two before attending Dealer Week here. At the end of this high energy, actionable presentation, you’ll walk away with a guide to putting these strategies to work in your business.

Dealer Week takes place Dec. 6-9 at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas. Register now.

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