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Dealer Week announces schedule, session topics

Earlier this month, MRAA’s Dealer Week announced that it would be hosted this year online. Today the schedule and education topics for the event were posted at

“Since we announced that this year’s Dealer Week would be hosted online, naturally people have been curious how the schedule would compare to last year’s event,” said Mike Davin, Brand Director at the MRAA. “What people will find is that it is very similar to what they would expect from an in-person MRAA conference, with a few tweaks to take advantage of being online.”

Dealer Week’s schedule remains anchored by its education sessions, which will again be divided into three pathways. The pathways focus on challenges related to “The Dealership,” “The Employee,” and “The Customer.”

Session topics planned for the event solve problems including:

  • Navigating digital trends in the age of Covid

  • How to catch up in service

  • How to develop a virtual showroom

  • How to recruit and lead people not like you

  • How to avoid team burnout

  • And much more

The event will also feature live Q&As with the event’s expert trainers, roundtable discussions with other attendees, and time to meet with solution providers in the Expo.

“Like a lot of things online, this year’s edition of Dealer Week makes some aspects of the event more convenient,” said Davin. “The fact that there’s no travel time comes immediately to mind, but there are other advantages as well. For example, you can set meetings from within the app or on your computer, so there’s no chasing someone down in the convention center or waiting in line at a booth. And obviously you can only attend one session at a time, but every session will be available on-demand after it concludes, so you can actually attend them all if you want.”

All sessions will be available to attendees through March 31, which was designed for dealerships that want to use them for training after the live event. Prior to the event, the MRAA is hosting a series of Dealer Week exclusive “Ask the Expert” webinars to help dealerships start working on their business before the conference kicks off. The topics for the webinars will be listed on the schedule page as they are announced.

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