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Dealer Week attendees receive access to on-demand catalog

Registrants of Dealer Week 2020, the annual conference of the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas, will receive more than three months of access to an on-demand catalog of all educational content available at this year’s event.

The access, which will last until March 31st — at no additional charge — will give dealers time to revisit the topics that can help them the most or catch up on courses they may have missed. The educational content will include not only the videos, but also the downloads, publications and other resources made available through the event.

“Moving Dealer Week to an online environment enables us to deliver extraordinary value to our attendees,” says Matt Gruhn, MRAA President. “Dealers will be able to access not just the live event and those recorded sessions, but many other sessions that may not be promoted as part of the main agenda but provide significant takeaways nonetheless.”

Dealer Week’s educational agenda offers dealers 12 standard, expert-led sessions; 3 full-length workshops where dealers can begin implementing what they learned; 3 dealership case studies to showcase how ideas apply in the real world; multiple shorter thought leader presentations; and a keynote presentation. Those nearly 30 courses will be delivered live Dec. 8-11 and then available via recording through March 31, 2021.

Further, two more packages of educational content will be made available to Dealer Week registrants for those 3.5 months. First, the MRAA Education Team has already produced eight one-hour webinars featuring the event’s presenters in a Dealer Week edition of MRAA’s “Ask the Expert” series. And second, all of Dealer Week’s exhibitors have been invited to create a 10-minute thought leader presentation on topics dealers need to be aware of as they head into 2021. All of these sessions, as well as the webinar series that will continue after Dealer Week concludes, will be available at no charge to registrants.

“The greatest thing about the move to an online Dealer Week is that our ability to deliver on our mission has never been greater,” explains Liz Walz, Vice President of the MRAA. “It’s never been as easy or affordable for dealers to access the tips, ideas, strategies and best practices that Dealer Week provides, and our team has never been able to assemble as much educational programming as we have been able to in this digital environment. There’s no doubt that, if there’s ever been a time for dealers to experience what Dealer Week is all about, this is the year to do it.”

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