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Dealer Week by the numbers

Updated: May 25, 2022

The season is winding down. The holidays are right around the corner. And your mind is turning

to making 2022 a huge success.

If you find yourself ready to build on the success you’ve achieved in 2021, you’ve come to the

right place: Dealer Week. This event is entirely designed to help you set yourself up to maximize

your success in the year ahead, and it includes a three days’ worth of educational and training

sessions, an enormous expo hall of potential business partners, and around 1,000 industry

professionals for you to connect with and learn from.

All packaged up into one great week focused on you and your business. Dealer Week 2021.

While this event launches in just under a week, here is a snapshot, by the numbers, of all the

great Dealer Week elements ready to support your success in the year ahead.

1,000+ industry professionals registered

^^^ That many minus 1 Dealer Week attendee gifts (Matt already took his)*

530 dealership personnel registered

204 first-time Dealer Week attendees

102 exhibitors

27 trainers and educators speaking

24+ livestreamed interviews from the MRAA Solutions Center Stage

21 Great Dealerships to Work For Awards presented

18 pathway educational presentations

9 special events throughout the week

7 separate musical performances by...

5 musical artists

4 industry thought leader presentations and ...

4 ways to meet Continuous Certification Requirements

3 educational pathways and ...

3 dealership case studies

2 conferences (Dealer Week and Dealer Week Online)

1 huge industry celebration


726 days since the last time MRAA’s Dealer Week brought everyone together in-person for

content, connections and collaboration.

Hope to see you there!

*= We’ll make sure there are enough for everyone who registers!

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