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Dealer Week goes beyond webinars.

Dealer Week is fully online. Great! What does that mean? Is it just a bunch of webinars?

Nope. While some things stay the same others will feel different.

Here are some faves that you won't miss out on:

1. Content you can apply right away

2. Timely resources

3. Exhibits

4. Networking

In the spring events started to move online in a frenzy. You probably have attended a few like we have. Which also means you likely experienced the same Zoom fails or connection issues that we did. Or maybe you even got so distracted that you got off of the call entirely. We hear your pain! Zoom fatigue is real.

The difference between a typical Zoom call or webinar and Dealer Week? The medium. The Dealer Week Digital experience will remain the same in that it offers excellent content, relevant resources, exhibits and networking opportunities, but the medium has evolved for enhanced online interaction. We did a ton of research and used our own experiences to shape our decision on how to deliver the content in the most meaningful way and we feel confident that our platform will deliver on an amazing experience for you and your team. Plus, because Dealer Week 2020 is a fully digital experience, more employees from your dealership than ever before can access it all in the comfort of your store.

Here are the highlights from the system we chose and how it will deliver on the same Dealer Week features you know and love:

  • The system will make recommendations on who may be great for you to connect with based on your interests. This includes both your fellow dealers and exhibits.

  • It has video! We miss connection, seeing faces, keeping things human. Unlike many zoom events where it’s all listening and no engaging, Dealer Week will have video chat one on one abilities with exhibitors, your fellow dealers, in round tables, and in other networking opportunities.

  • For those that are a little camera shy, there are ways to engage beyond just video as well. Polling, Q&A and CHATROOMS. The MRAA staff has attended a number of digital events ourselves and highly recommend this way to engage.

Regardless of how you like to engage, Dealer Week is prepared to provide a number of avenues for you to connect and learn with other dealers and partners and we look forward to seeing you there.

Stay tuned for more details on our platform as the event gets closer. In the meantime, get registered!! Then you'll be able to access our preview webinars too.

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