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Dealer Week in the Eyes of Nikki Duffney, MRAA's Member Development Manager

How cool is it to see the smile on your customer’s face when you sell them a new boat or they come in to pick up their beloved boat for a summer of fun on the water? It’s an awesome feeling to be able to deliver rewarding interactions with your customers – and I feel the same way!

The MRAA annual conference is often the only time of year I get to see so many of our members and dealers from across North America. I get joy from seeing you all thrive and grow, telling me about your year’s highlights and lowlights. My career has been based on finding ways to deliver resources and education that support retailing, to hopefully make your job easier. Being at Dealer Week, for me, is a time to bask in the smiles of the MRAA customer, member, and friend.

Thank you to those I hugged from years of friendship, thank you to the new friends I made, and thank you to the attendees who came by to say hi and learn more about how we can help. Every day we show up to serve you, and it is on these few short days in December that we get to see the rewards from the community we support.

-Nikki Duffney

Membership Development Manager

The Marine Retailers Association of the Americas

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