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Dealer Week Names 14 Marine Trade Association Co-Hosts

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

These associations have committed to supporting Dealer Week, and several are offering special incentives.

Dealer Week, the newly reimagined MRAA Conference & Expo, was created as a way to provide education, resources, products and services to all marine dealers, embracing the philosophy that when dealers succeed, the industry succeeds.

The more organizations that come together under the Dealer Week roof to serve marine retailers, the more valuable that service to the dealer body will be, according to MRAA.  

That’s the idea behind the Dealer Week Marine Trade Association (MTA) Co-Host program, launched this spring. Since then, 14 associations have signed up to Co-Host the event, including:

  • Boating Industries Association of Upstate New York

  • Connecticut Marine Trades Association

  • Empire State Marine Trades Association

  • Lake Erie Marine Trades Association

  • Marine Industries Association of Palm Beach County, Inc.

  • Marine Industries Association of South Florida

  • Marine Industry Association of Central Florida

  • Marine Trades Association of New Jersey

  • National Marine Manufacturers Association

  • National Marine Representatives Association

  • Rhode Island Marine Trades Association

  • S.W. Florida Marine Industries Association & Tampa Bay Marine Industries Association

  • Water Sports Industry Association

  • Massachusetts Marine Trades Association

The goal of the program is to engage more dealers in Dealer Week, serve them together at a deeper level than any association could do alone, and unite the industry behind dealer development.

“At MRAA, we believe in the power of collaboration,” says Liz Walz, MRAA Vice President. “The local, regional, national and international trade associations in our industry each provide unique and valuable resources, tools and services to marine dealers and the companies that support their success. When we work together to support dealer success, we can do much more for the industry than when we operate in isolation.”

Co-Hosts will not only act as a resource for dealers from their region who attend the event, but they will also play a significant role in MRAA’s “hostmanship” strategy, through which the MRAA staff, board, partners and others will act as hosts for Dealer Week attendees, welcoming them, answering questions, and ensuring their event experience is seamless.

Leading up to the event, many MTA Co-Hosts are sharing special incentives with their members, including discounts and scholarships. Members should contact their specific MTA to see how they are participating.

Those marine trade associations interested in coming onboard as an MTA Co-Host are invited to contact MRAA at 315-692-4533 or

For 40-plus years, MRAA’s annual conference and expo has offered world class educational programming and a means of connecting dealers with industry suppliers. Dealer Week will be hosted Dec. 8-11 at the Tampa Convention Center. For more information and to register, go to

About Dealer Week For more than 40 years, the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas has delivered world class educational programming to dealers, retailers and service operations that power the boating industry and serve today’s boaters. Dealer Week evolves as MRAA’s rebranded and reimagined annual conference and expo, a profoundly new event experience designed to engage, energize and empower the dealer community. The MRAA envisions a brighter future for marine retail, and Dealer Week is the preeminent means for bringing that vision to life. Learn more at

About the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas At the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas, we believe that for the marine industry to thrive, the retail organizations that interact with the boaters in their community must thrive. With that in mind, MRAA works to create a strong and healthy boating industry by uniting those retailers, providing them with opportunities for improvement and growth, and representing them with a powerful voice. For more information, contact us at 763-315-8043.

*Edited Nov. 1, 2019

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