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Dealer Week: the perfect answer for training your team

In any given year, one of the No. 1 challenges dealership leaders face is how to train their team. The development and growth of individual team members leads directly to the growth and success of the business itself, yet dealership managers don’t have the tools, resources or access — not to mention the time — to truly teach, mentor and take accountability for the growth of individual team members.

Until now.

This year’s annual conference of the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas, Dealer Week, for the first time ever in an online format, delivers meaningful, more affordable educational content right into your dealership. It is the perfect way to train and prepare your team for the year ahead.

Offering more than 30 courses, Dealer Week puts the most pertinent educational topics at your fingertips. It provides you with a curriculum of courses that will help you more easily and effectively adapt to a changing market place and create real, positive change and growth in your dealership. What’s more is that as a Dealer Week participant, you will have more than three months to consume the teachings of this program, giving you ample opportunity to implement new tactics, strategies and best practices.

Through a team approach, your dealership will inspire buy-in for new ideas you can put to work immediately, and you can build a plan to make it happen together with the employees who will execute it. Stay tuned for our next blog, for examples on exactly how to use Dealer Week in your dealership.

Register now.

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