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Dealers rated these three courses highest on their list for 2019. But why?

You may have seen it in the trade media or on the blog here that the inaugural Dealer Week received World Class Net Promoter scores from attendees. This means the dealer who sat in on these courses found them to be impactful for their dealerships.

While in-person learning is perhaps the best way to learn, yet we’ve taken the time to make the online courses just as insightful with interactive elements and quizzes. The following three courses were the highest rated at Dealer Week and the comments make it clear, just why they were so great.

1. Telling Ain't Training with Jim Million

· “Jim Million’s Telling Aint Training seminar was really informative with guidance and leadership.”

· “Jim Million is always great no matter what the topic is.”

· “I really liked the session with Jim Million.”

2. Supercharge your Customer Experience with Theresa Syer

· “Theresa Syer was very good.”

· “Theresa was very informative.”

· “DJ and Theresa had amazing tracks.”

· “Theresa Syer of Syer Hospitality Group is a Rockstar!”

3. The Agile Dealership with David Spader

· “I think Jim Million and David Spader were excellent.”

· “David Spader was really good.”

· “Ziebron and Spader were good ones.”

Have one that caught your eye for your dealership? They are available on Fun fact: Silver and Gold MRAA members receive these, and all 16 others at no additional cost. Learn more about membership on

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