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Education Hosts are new to Dealer Week, why do they matter to you?

Based on a Facebook LIVE video from Vice President Liz Walz, Dealer Week will feature Education Hosts. Find out what that means to you. Watch the video here.

In the past, at our annual conference, we have worked really hard to make each educational workshop and session we offer as valuable as possible to you, keeping in mind our goal:

To deliver education that you can put to work to drive real, positive results in your dealership.

We’re going to keep doing that. But we see an opportunity to do even more for you by connecting the dots between each of these sessions, so they don’t just have stand-alone value, but can be added together to become even more powerful for you and your team.

Think 1 + 1 = 3.

There has been all this research that has been done into how the brain learns. It suggests that being in a classroom is really just the beginning. From there, you need to consider how what you’re learning applies to what you’ve already experienced and then think through and maybe even map out different ways you might apply that new knowledge in your day-to-day work. Finally, the last stage is experimenting with actually putting the knowledge to work.

We know how much you juggle on a daily basis as leaders in your dealerships, so we want to help you get as far through those steps to actually putting those new ideas to work while you’re with us at the conference.

That’s where our education hosts come in. This year, we’ll have three classrooms or education pathways that will run at the same time – one on the customer, one on you and your employees, and one on the dealership. They will feature education sessions, dealer case studies and workshops. Each of those pathways will have its own host.

That person will prepare you for each new speaker and topic along your Dealer Week path. They will challenge you to think deeply about how the education provided is relevant to your unique location, business model and team. They will encourage you to take advantage of all the different resources and experiences available to you at the show – not just the so-called experts, but other leading dealers, manufacturers and suppliers – and they’ll challenge you to consider the different ways you can apply what you’re learning. They will draw connections between all the diverse educational experiences you’ll have at the show. And they will serve as your guide, answering questions and directing you to resources that can help you along your journey.

Ready to meet them? Stay tuned. They'll be revealed on Facebook LIVE on Friday, March 22.

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