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Find sessions fit for your role with three new Education Pathways

If you've been to one of MRAA's conferences in the past, you know that there is too much content to fit everything into a single room - or, in the case of2020, into a single livestream.

This year, when we get together in December in Austin, Texas, that will be the case once again with three different education pathways. However, for 2021, we've switched the titles of our pathways based on some feedback from you.

Attendees of Dealer Week, a marine industry conference and expo sitting in chairs at tables listening to an educator on stage.

You told us that you use the titles of the pathways, or tracks, to help make decisions about who from your team to bring to Dealer Week, and which sessions they should focus on. We thought that made a lot of sense, so this year's Pathways will be Sales & Marketing, Leadership, and Service & Parts.

Of course, you don't have to sign up for Dealer Week sessions in advance, and when you're onsite at the event you are free to switch between them as you like. Still, we'll try to organize the content in a way that makes it easy for someone who works in sales, service, marketing or management to quickly identify which sessions are geared toward their particular role.

The other thing to keep in mind, which is new this year, is that everyone who attends the live, in person Dealer Week will automatically get access to Dealer Week Online in January, where you will be able to watch any sessions you couldn't attend in person.

Four team members at Port Harbor Marine participate in the Dealer Week education online via a large screen and individual note pads in 2020.

Ultimately, all the sessions at Dealer Week include takeaways that we hope will be useful to anyone in the dealership, regardless of role. The nice thing this year is that you will be to experience it all, if you'd like, if you combine Dealer Week and Dealer Week Online.

The other thing I wanted to mention is that this month (September), we'll be adding specific session names and speakers to the Dealer Week website for you to look at so stay tuned for that. If you're curious right now, you can see the list of planned topics today. We hope that helps you determine who from your team is the best to attend.

Dealer Week takes place in Austin, Texas, Dec. 6-9. Dealer Week Online will be hosted Jan. 11-13. Early Bird prices end after Sept. 30.

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