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Get a taste of Dealer Week October 29, with a Preview Event!

Dealer Week is completely online this December! You're probably wondering what that might look like. Those who are registered for Dealer Week will gain access to a Preview Event on October 29. We’ll be giving a sneak peek at the platform, chatting with a few of our experts, and giving you early access to some special exhibitors as you prepare for the conference this December. Highlights Include:

  • The opportunity to get familiar with the technology you’ll use to access the education, networking and expo aspects of the event that make it so valuable to you.

  • Early access to leading trainers, dealers, and manufacturers and suppliers.

  • Early suggestions and tools for how to best prepare your team for success with the December event.

  • Gain deeper insight into some key areas where you and your team will want to focus to successfully plan for 2021, what Dealer Week can offer to guide you on that journey, and a few ways you can get started preparing for next year now.

  • Bonus! Dealer Week Opening Keynote Speaker Jay Baer will lead you through three tests your dealership can take now to determine whether you’re ready to rewire your customer relationships and grow your business in 2021 and beyond.

Not registered yet? Register now to gain access to this preview event and we'll see you in December! Questions? Email

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