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Hear from the Skeptic, the Learner, the Newbie and more

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

MRAA’s annual conferences attract a diverse group of attendees. Below are quotes from a few different types. What type are you?

A word from the Skeptic:

“It’s tough to get that many dealers together and satisfy them all. We all have different needs, but I think everything was good.”

A word from the Learner:

“It was very informative. Just experiencing everybody’s input. I have only been in this industry for 4 years, so it was very helpful.”

“We accomplished a lot. Each employee set out to accomplish goals. I had them create action lists on what they learned there. I have 7 pages of action items for us to work on. I don’t feel there’s any other better learning environment in one location as the MRAA conference and expo.”

A word from the Newbie:

“I wanted to go to all of them (the education sessions), but that’s not possible. I was like a sponge because this was my first time attending.”

“I was thoroughly impressed with everything. There’s a lot to take in. Next year we’re going to have a plan of attack going into it. This year we scoped it out.”

A word from the Long-Timer:

“We will always go and support the MRAA’s Conference and Expo. It’s beneficial to our business and the industry.”

A word from the MRAA Board:

VIDEO Dealer Testimonial:Carly Poole
Carly Poole, Buckeye Marine shares her insight as a board member who has helped build this new conference experience.

VIDEO: Jeff Siems dealer testimonial
Jeff Siems of Blue Springs Marine has been a part of building this new conference experience as an MRAA board member.

There are more than 500 dealers who have already committed to attend Dealer Week this December. If you’re wondering how it could benefit you, let us know. We’re always happy to chat at 763-315-8043.

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