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How to Become a Video-First Dealership

Over the last decade, more and more dealerships have come to a clear realization: If we’re going to stay competitive in this space, we can’t just say it, we need to show it.

In other words, video is a must.

Gone are the days where dealers can simply wait on the manufacturer to produce the videos that buyers and service customers demand to see.

Rather, today’s customer wants to see it all — BEFORE they come to the showroom or approve a repair.

When: Dec. 10, 1:00 PM, CST

Where: Online in your dealership

Expert: Marcus Sheridan, Marcus Sheridan International Inc.

Who: Dealership Owners, Managers & Key Employees

Learning Objectives

  • Discover the science and psychology of effective marine videos

  • Learn exactly how to produce dramatically better videos

  • Pick-up techniques for getting more of your team involved in your videos

  • Gain dozens of ideas for videos you can shoot immediately to generate revenue for your dealership

Register for Dealer Week to attend this session online in December.

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