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How to Navigate Difficult Customer Conversations

The goal is always to have happy customers, but sometimes things don’t work out that way. Especially during a season like this one, when often inventory levels were unpredictable, quality control was spotty, the pace was abnormally high, and your dealership team was working to master new strategies and tactics. In this session with John Spence of John Spence, LLC., you’ll learn several simple but powerful techniques for dealing effectively with upset, frustrated or angry customers.

When: Dec. 8, 2:00 PM, CST

Where: Online in your dealership

Expert: John Spence, John Spence, LLC.

Who: Dealership Owners, Managers, Employees You will leave this session with the tools and confidence to calmly navigate conflict with customers and move them to resolution and satisfaction. Learning Objectives

  • Uncover the importance of questions to clearly understand the customer’s point of view

  • Realize they’re not mad at you

  • Learn how to use “I” statements

  • Pick up key questions to ask when trying to de-escalate an uncomfortable situation

  • Discover how to apply the self-awareness idea of the “gap”

  • Practice applying these ideas within your business and personal life

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