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How to plan for success in 2021

Every year the market place throws a mix of new challenges at you and your business. Whether they’re personnel changes, technological obstacles, product line updates or evolving customer or partner preferences, they change the dynamics of how you approach selling and servicing boats.

With little-to-no warning, the boating industry changed forever with the health crisis that overwhelmed the early part of 2020. Who would have ever imagined that the next economic slowdown would have required you to run your brick-and-mortar operation out of your home? What could have ever prepared you for curbside pick-up, relationship building from a distance, or by-appointment-only, virtual boat closings? And who could have predicted that the shift to the digital sales and service process that you’ve slowly been coming around to would need to be made literally overnight?

The boat retail market place has never been an easy one to manage, and today, it is more complicated than ever before. There are more uncertainties, regulations, and consumer-related obstacles than our businesses have ever even considered.

That won’t stop boating from maintaining its place as the No. 1 choice among family-focused recreational options, however. And it doesn’t have to prevent you from achieving the success you and your team deserve.

For nearly five decades now, the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas has fought for the advancement of boat and engine dealers and the marine industry at large. We have stood alongside dealers as we battled unwarranted laws, regulations and restrictions, and we have provided dealerships with critical guidance as they faced ever-changing market conditions, technological advancements, and yes, even the once-unfathomable requirements of evolving customer desires.

As we navigate through the chaos of 2020, everything has changed, but nothing has changed. Our team here at the MRAA — a seasoned group whose leadership team not only navigated The Great Recession with you, but who also delivered immense value throughout the challenges of the last 20 years, not to mention the last 20 weeks — remains right by your side. No matter what the world throws at us.

Last week, MRAA opened registration for Dealer Week 2020. This event offers you the clearest path to navigating the complexity and uncertainty of your market place. It is the must-attend event of 2020, if not of your entire career, as it will set you up for success in 2021 and beyond. 

In partnership with our Board of Directors, our Young Leaders Advisory Council, our Strategic Partners and our Education Champions, we are building the most powerful MRAA educational event ever. Dealer Week 2020 will guide you through today’s new realities and tomorrow’s questions. It will share the most meaningful insights, trends, analysis, best practices and strategies specific to your business. Dealer Week will deliver the answers you need in order to have confidence in your plan for 2021 because we know that the growth, success and prosperity of your family, your business, and your team are of utmost importance.

MRAA remains full speed ahead on Dealer Week 2020. And no matter if the in-person event can go on, as planned, for Dec. 8-11 in Austin, Texas, or we need to deliver this critical educational event through a virtual experience — and I do mean experience … not just some glorified webinar — I promise you that the MRAA will be there for you to answer the call. We’re ready for both scenarios.

Your business needs you to prepare for whatever the market place presents in the year ahead, as well. The pillars of success for today’s boat dealerships are changing. Let us help you change with them. Get started at Dealer Week 2020. Register today.

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