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How to tackle 2022’s biggest opportunities

Updated: May 25, 2022

It’s January 2022. How’s your outlook for the months ahead?

Remember last summer when you longed for the off-season when you hoped you could finally get caught up in your service department? Now that it’s the off-season, is it all you had hoped for?

Spring launch is right around the corner. Will service be caught up by then? And in reviewing 2022, with all that craziness, all of that demand, was your service department as wildly profitable as it should have been?

Have you spent the right amount of time analyzing why? Or perhaps, why not?

In the year ahead, what will be your greatest drivers of success? In many dealerships out there, new unit sales are pretty much sold out, pending some unforeseen inventory showing up. So where will your business grow and improve?

Will it be the pre-owned market — that tiny little, largely untapped $10 Billion (with a B) segment of our industry? Or will the formula for success in the used boat business continue to confound you and your path to growth and success?

One might contend that it’s your service department’s proficiency and your ability to figure out the pre-owned boat market that offer you the biggest upside for your dealership in 2022. The secret ingredient, though, in making them both hit on all cylinders is the additional workforce you don’t yet have. And let’s be honest: Recruiting, hiring, onboarding, training and developing your team can seem like some of the most foreign elements of the business. But’s they’re also the most critical element.

If your service department or the pre-owned boat biz or strengthening your team are priorities for you in the year ahead, you need not reinvent the wheel and figure it out on your own. The quickest, most effective path to success in sharpening up any area of your business is through learning the strategies and best practices that others have already crafted. And through problem-solving among other colleagues who are navigating the same challenges.

That’s why the MRAA Education Team is launching Mastermind Groups, virtual programs that will focus specifically on the adoption of strategies and tactics for maximizing your success. Three separate Mastermind Groups – one each on Service Efficiency and Profitability, Pre-Owned Boats and Workforce Development — will pair up to six dealership managers together for robust conversations on identifying strategies that will work in your dealership.

If you’re struggling to make time to focus on these enormous opportunities and if you think you’d benefit from a structure and group of peers that will hold you accountable for outcomes, these Mastermind Groups are your path to success. I encourage you to explore them now before all that you could achieve in 2022 slips away from you.

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