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How to talk to management about attending Dealer Week

Step 1: Give them this letter.

Take the time to fill in the highlighted text in this template to lay out which sessions you think would be most beneficial not only for you as an employee, but the classes that will benefit the dealership as a whole.

Step 2: Have all the details at the ready!

Dealer Week takes place Dec. 8-11 in Tampa, FL. Send them to Have them visit the Dealer Week Facebook page, which is filled with content and announcements about all the educational, networking and fun opportunities that Dealer Week offers.

Step 3: Be passionate.

It’s best to have a follow-up conversation after writing the letter in person if possible. When you do, use your letter and all the information you have learned to prepare yourself. Show your excitement and passion for being the best employee you can for the dealership to grow and succeed.

Step 4: Set goals.

It’s most important that the things you learn get implemented upon your return. Use the session description and Learning Objectives to set goals that are specific, measurable, relevant and time-

bound. You’ll impress them by having prepared to jump right in when you return! If you need any further resources, please reach out to the MRAA team. We are happy to help advocate for you to join us in December. Fingers crossed, we’re rooting for you!

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