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How to Thrive on the Other Side of 2020

To be successful now and in the future, every dealership professional will need to develop their competency, emotional intelligence, and personal and professional agility.

To perform at your best – whether you’re leading the dealership, managing a department, detailing boats or anything in between – you need to learn ways to reduce the stress and anxiety we all feel right now. This class by leading coach, consultant and trainer John Spence will give you the tools to do that, delivering several valuable ideas and strategies to help you navigate these challenging times.

After the session, you will have a new understanding of what drives stress and change, and the skills to deal with the emotions created by uncertainty more effectively. You will be able to take better care of yourself and your team members, which will help you all boost your results, improve your culture, retain your best employees and even provide a better customer experience. As John reminds us, the customer’s experience never exceeds the employee’s experience.

When: Dec. 9, 2:00 PM, CST

Where: Online in your dealership

Expert: John Spence, John Spence LLC

Who: Dealership Owners, Managers & Employees

Learning Objectives

  • Discover the three quotients that drive success: IQ, EQ, and AQ

  • Learn how to be more adaptable and agile in the face of change

  • Know the emotional cycle that change creates in a person

  • Develop skills to help you coach yourself and your people through change - Identify ways to become more resilient

  • Gain an understanding what you can and cannot control

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