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Learn how best to use your MRAA membership at Dealer Week

A note from Sherri Cuvala, MRAA's Membership Manager

In less than 30 days, I will be participating in my first Dealer Week…in-person! My first opportunity to meet face-to-face with those of you I’ve had the pleasure of working with by phone or by email, by text, or by zoom. My career with the MRAA as the Membership Manager began a little over a year ago and these touch points have helped me to better understand your wants, your needs, and why you joined MRAA.

Joining MRAA for the discount at Dealer Week is a huge benefit, but membership is SO much more than that. I invite each of you to come to the MRAA booth at Dealer Week, better known as the Solutions Center. There, I can help you:

  • Learn how to get the most out of your membership.

  • Take a deep dive into the vast online Resource Center so you are comfortable navigating this valuable tool.

  • Pursue so you can see how to access all of the training available to you and your team.

  • Learn more about Certification, our new Certified Pre-Owned Program, and Succession Planning, along with a host of additional benefits available to you.

  • And, last but certainly not least ... allow me to connect with you and get to know you! Connecting with you and developing a relationship allows me to do my job better and work harder for you. I value relationships, so let’s build one.

If you feel like you are missing something out of your membership, chances are, you might be! We understand that your time is valuable, which makes Dealer Week a great place to spend a few minutes learning about how best to use your MRAA Membership.

After guiding a member through the Resource Center, she commented that she didn’t even realize she needed some of the information we offered. Another comment came from a dealer that had spent hours developing their Employee Handbook only to find out MRAA had already done the work. The point with these examples is that you can depend on the MRAA team for solutions to that exist in the dat-to-day operations of your business.

We consider ourselves an extension of your team to help make your lives easier. So let us do just that! You can find me in booth 3050 (MRAA Solutions Center) at Dealer Week this Dec. 6-9, in Austin, Texas.

See you there!
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