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Membership is more than just a discount at Dealer Week.

Receiving a Dealer Week discount is a huge benefit to joining the MRAA, (like paying for your MRAA membership through your savings this year huge) but there’s so much more! In today’s blog, we’ll highlight a few of the top benefits.

1. Advocacy. You may not be aware of this, but the MRAA fights for dealers on the state and national level on a daily basis. Chad, our Government Relations Manager, serves you by advocating for bills and proposals that impact your business positively. You might remember the start of the pandemic when your business was threatened with closure. Behind the scenes, MRAA worked directly with key decision makers to ensure you remained open. The association fought to make your business essential. So, while it might not feel like this affects you, it certainly does, and you don’t want to wait until an issue negatively impacts you to support its efforts.

2. Benefits. Being a part of the MRAA gives you automatic access to the following benefits:

a. Dealer Week discount. (As you know)

b. Access to the Marine Industry Certified Dealership Program that provides access to proven templates for running a world-class dealership.

c. Access to hundreds of courses including past conference sessions through

d. A new revenue stream through an insurance program customized for MRAA members.

e. Freight and Shipping discounts.

f. F&I Outsourcing and equipment financing.

g. Access to 50 dealership job descriptions, sample employee handbooks and connections to job seekers and job postings through our MRAA Career Center

h. Cheaper health insurance for your employees through MRAA Health.

i. And this growing list of more …

3. Additions to your team. While there are definitely days (especially lately) where we wish we could jump in and turn wrenches or produce boats for you with the snap of our fingers, we can help alleviate many of the pains that come with simply being a business. Between producing numerous resources each year tackling hot topics in the industry, holding a conference and expo to help dealers grow and leading dealers toward world-class processes through Certification, MRAA membership is your simplified path to success.

If you’d like to become a member you can join now or feel free to reach out to explore how membership can impact your specific business. Please reach out to Sherri here at the MRAA with questions at or (763) 333-2420.

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