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Move Beyond Burnout: The Search for Sustained Motivation for Yourself and Your Team

Despite the record-breaking results of the 2020 boating season – or perhaps because of them – many owners, managers and employees found themselves struggling to stay motivated by their work. The long hours, the unrelenting pace of business, and the challenge to deliver to your high standards may have led to burnout from which you and your team are struggling to recover.

During this session, our dealership expert will lead you through a process to rediscover what motivates you personally and professionally (and help your employees do the same). Then, you'll learn how to use that insight to plan for a 2021 that will deliver the satisfaction and success you and your team seek.

When: Dec. 10, 9:30 AM, CST

Where: Online in your dealership

Expert: David Spader, Spader Business Management

Who: Dealership Owners, Managers, & Employees

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to proactively assess whether your employees are at risk for burnout; 

  • Discover how “energy management” needs to be a part of every leader’s toolkit;

  • And understand the role of a leader/manager in avoiding burnout for themselves and modeling healthy behavior for their team

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