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MRAA Releases “Call for Solutions” for Dealer Week, Other Initiatives

Updated: May 15, 2019

MRAA today launched an open “Call for Solutions” to solicit educational partnerships throughout 2019. Instead of a traditional “Call for Speakers” for a single event, MRAA is interested in potential solutions across all of its educational offerings, including both its annual conference and expo, Dealer Week, and a host of other educational initiatives.

“Some topics are perfectly suited for a live presentation at Dealer Week, and we’re excited to receive those suggestions,” says Mike Davin, MRAA’s Director of Education. “Other material, however, is more appropriate to a white paper or an in-depth online learning course. For us, it’s all part of an ongoing process of dealer education throughout the year, so for 2019 we’re opening up our call to a greater variety of content.”

MRAA develops online and in-person courses, digital publications, webinars, tools, templates, sample processes, and a number of other educational offerings for dealers all year long, in partnership with experts from both inside and outside the marine industry.

In addition, during the next few months, the MRAA staff and MRAA's Education Committee will be researching a plethora of potential trainers, educators and other experts for our 43rd annual conference, Dealer Week, which will provide an ALL NEW experience to our guests and partners Dec. 8-11 at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, Fla.

Potential partners can submit their solutions via an online form located here:

2019 MRAA Call for Solutions

About the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas At the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas, we believe that for the marine industry to thrive, the retail organizations that interact with the boaters in their community must thrive. With that in mind, MRAA works to create a strong and healthy boating industry by uniting those retailers, providing them with opportunities for improvement and growth, and representing them with a powerful voice. For more information, visit or contact us at 763-315-8043.

About Dealer Week For more than 40 years, the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas has delivered world class educational programming to dealers, retailers and service operations that power the boating industry and serve today’s boaters. Dealer Week evolves as MRAA’s rebranded and reimagined annual conference and expo, a profoundly new event experience designed to engage, energize and empower the dealer community. The MRAA envisions a brighter future for marine retail, and Dealer Week is the preeminent means for bringing that vision to life. The event will be hosted Dec. 8-11 at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, Fla. Learn more at

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