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Reclaim control of your business at Dealer Week

Every year brings all-new challenges and opportunities to your business. Growth plans, personnel changes, new product lines, shifting market conditions and more. They all wreak havoc on what you would otherwise consider a typical year in the boat biz.

But Covid changed that. Covid introduced a new level of craziness. Record demand. A complete lack of products. Unpredictable market swings. Punishing workforce shortages.

No matter how organized you tend to be, it’s all left you overwhelmed and at times feeling a bit helpless. There’s no doubt it’s been a lot. A LOT! And it’s changed the way you and your team run your business.

It’s demanded that you identify and repair the cracks in your armor more quickly than ever before. It’s put a greater pressure on the systems and processes that help your team simply keep up. It’s mandated that you get creative when it comes to solving problems you’ve never experienced before. And, meanwhile, it’s challenged you to become more efficient and effective with a team that is entirely understaffed and overworked.

Sure: The craziness of the last year or more has taught you new ways to run the business, and you’ve found all-new ways to achieve success, but there’s no doubt that those same months have also invited some bad habits into your day-to-day.

Fortunately, you’re not alone. The entire boating market has shifted alongside you, and there’s a whole new field of insights, strategies and best practices that dealerships just like yours have created along the way to help them find success. At Dealer Week, MRAA’s annual conference and expo, to be held Dec. 6-9 in Austin, Texas, we’ll be showcasing the key principles you and your team should know as you begin to prepare for all that 2022 will throw at you.

Will the workforce challenges subside? No way. Will the supply chain issues you’ve struggled with correct themselves? Not likely. Can you turn your attention to the issues that only you can control and create a stronger business because of it? Absolutely. In fact, it would be ideal to regain control of your business altogether, rather than letting these insane market demands determine where you’ll place your focus.

The bottom line is this: You need answers. For today and for the future of the boating market. Dealer Week was designed to deliver those answers through a one-of-a-kind line-up of courses, workshops and educational sessions; through connections, discussions and idea sharing with other dealers; and through products, services and profit potential offered by Dealer Week’s exhibitors and sponsors.

Dealer Week offers you your one real chance to dig out from under the craziness of the last couple years. It gives you the opportunity to reset and reclaim control of where your business is headed. And it provides unparalleled access to insights on the most timely, relevant and impactful issues you and your team need.

Take control of your business at Dealer Week 2021, in-person in Austin, Texas, December 6-9. And prepare yourself by checking out these 9 insights you probably didn’t know about Dealer Week.

See you there.

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